Gallery Keeping The Legendary Roots Alive

Joy Productions;  Jimmie "Bo" Horne generally performs what the venue provides within several cities and International countries. Listening to Jimmie's performances you can clear detect the musical influences classic to the Disco and R & B era.

Jimmie Bo Horne; Add a tireless determination for performance with highly respected identifiable ethnic; his musical genre energy as an individual and openness and warmth endear him to fans new and old.  You start to get the picture of what makes Jimmie so special to the music industry. Below are highlights of his musical carrier with other performers; that have influenced specific areas of entertaining improving on today's most important historical treasures.

                           BO & GOLD RECORDS                                             BO PERFORMS AT GWEN MCCRAE BENEFIT 
                       MICHAEL STERLING & BO                                                            PAUL LEWIS & MILES JAYE
                                BO & BARRY WHITE
                  BB KINGS IN WEST PALM BEACH

              2012 POP MONTREAL SHOW                                   2012 POP MONTREAL SHOW

While Jimmie Bo Horne is capturing moments of greatness and has become and icon for Disco, Pop, and R & B music. His shows are consistently and faithfully delivering to audiences around the world.  Jimmie's band is impressive with live performances.