Jimmie "Bo" Horne: The interest in all things musical was awakened at an early age and perhaps I inherited the gift of singing from my mother Minnie who had a beautiful voice. "Whenever she would be around the house, cooking or something, she sang a lot of Gospel songs". "My dad loved jazz, R&B and the ballads that are called standards, you know, Sinatra ballads, Brook Benton ballads, so as a child I was exposed to that kind of music. I also heard Jackie Wilson, Otis Redding, James Brown, Sam Cooke, Little Richard, Arthur Prysock, even Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Perry Como, well, everybody out there. My dad had the LP's and he had his own stereo set, because he could make the cabinets for stereos. Music was just all around me as a child."

My music has taken me around the world and I continue to perform in the U.S., Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Austria, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Chile.

I’ve meet a lot of wonderful people over the years and I’ve been truly blessed.


While Jimmie Bo Horne is capturing moments of greatness and has become and icon for Disco, Pop, and R & B music. His shows are consistently and faithfully delivering to audiences around the world.  Jimmie's band is impressive with live performances.