Jimmie Bo Horne Then & Now

That was Then & This is Now - while great grooves are still the first thing people love to dance to it's really about the total aspect of performing and the mixing of music that have now emerged. Jimmie Bo Horne has inspired us in the studio, on stage, and the dance floor. To purchase your copy of Jimmie's latest CD go to CDbaby.com

Performing Values
Jimmie connects to his audience with personality and artistic values classic to the South Florida recording industry.
Recording Services
Audio, video, photo shoots with experienced staff that helps push your project to a level that industry professionals expect. Extensive library of pro quality beats, sounds, & videos.
Award Winning
Jimmie's project studio recently received the Best of 2012 in Recording, Motion Picture and Video Production from the U.S. Commence Association (USCA).
Global Reach
The Internationally acclaimed Jimmie "Bo" Horne can provide and produce a wide variety of entertainment projects on a Global magnitude. Consider booking for your next show.
Trusted connections to web design, graphic design, printing, mastering, A&R, entertainment and consulting; available by appointment only and 24/7 via email support.


Our Commitment

Bo Horne in collaboration with his production team Jimi Magnole and Carl Catalano have worked together to create catchy lyrics and dance grooves using the latest technology in today’s music industry. So once again “Dance Across The Floor” and check out Jimmie’s latest single's  "Throw Your Hands Up" & "Dance All Nite" now available @ Cd Baby.com